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The Centro Associazioni Culturali Fiorentine began in Florence in 1996 with a project by Raffaello Torricelli to develop and strengthen coordination between associations working in the field of culture in Florence and its surrounding area.
It is a non-profit organisation aimed at making an important cultural and social contribution to the knowledge and preservation of a priceless human heritage.
There are currently 30 member associations.

As part of its coordination of activities for its member associations, the Centro Associazioni Culturali Fiorentine:

  • promotes awareness of the cultural activities of the various associations;
  • promotes events of common interest to its member associations;
  • supports the needs expressed by its member associations in regard to public institutions in order to obtain necessary provisions;
  • promotes computerised systems in the field of culture in sectors in which the member associations are involved.

Its further objectives are:

  • to promote the knowledge, protection and promotion of artistic and cultural heritage through the organisation of various types of cultural activities and events;
  • to contribute to increasing public awareness of and participation in issues affecting cultural assets, by means that include debates and conferences;
  • to foster cultural exchange and knowledge of different cultures;
  • to promote scholarships on topics of particular interest.

Board of Directors

The current Board of Directors is composed of:

Antonia Ida Fontana
Massimo Conti Donzelli
Vice chairman
Sandra Buyet, Ivana Ceccherini, Laura Felici, Giovanni Fossi, Vittorio Gasparrini, Sebastiano Giaquinto, Claudio Tongiani, Andrea Torricelli, Maria Rosa Zorzi
Board members
Divo Savelli
Honorary chairman


Download theĀ regulations in PDF format

Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze

The Centre's activities are made possible by the contribution of the Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze

Upcoming events

Martedi 2 August

10:00 AM - Akropolis

Visita guidata di Giovanni Straffi al Cenacolo di Andrea del Castagno nell'ex monastero di Sant'Apollonia

Friday 5 August

10:00 AM - Akropolis

Visita guidata di Lara Mercanti a Villa Demidoff